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What is Your Secret Stuff? How can it bring you more happiness and abundance? Hear Cindy speak on September 17 at 4pm MORE

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Hear Cindy speak on August 13 at 4pm in her ongoing radio series on BlogRadio with Zurriane.  She discusses “What to do when you just don’t feel Good Enough –  Reinvent”
Do you struggle with being pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, and, mostly, good enough? If so, it means that you are  honest and normal. This is a common struggle for most people. In this spot I will focus on making a connection with what “enough” looks like, feels like, smells like, and tastes like.

Listen to the August 13 broadcast – Reinvent What’s Enough

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Hear Cindy speak on BlogRadio with Zurriane. The topic is “Where did your ‘No’ go? – Reinvent your healthy ‘NO’ ”

Do you have a difficult time telling your boss, your wife, your kids, and even your friends “no”? Do you find yourself over booked and feeling resentful that other people constantly want a piece of you? Then this 30 minute talk will be perfect to help you find a new, honest and kind word for the complete sentence, “No.”

There are four ways that people say “no”.  1. “Yes” 2. A whiney “no”  3. “Screw you” 4. An honest and healthy “no”

Learn the attributes of the healthy “no” and how setting boundaries can bring more intimacy, gratitude and love to all of your relationships.

Listen to internet radio with Zurriane on BlogTalkRadio