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Join me on May 23, 2013 at 4pm for my radio debut. I will be discussing “You Were in Love, Once Upon a Time – Reinventing Your Divorce”

Many people long to bring more happiness into their lives, they just don’t know how… This is where I come in. I bring the benefits of  energy work,  life coaching and  fitness in one.  I bring insights about many areas of people’s lives. I have been given the gifts to hear people, reach people, and help people. I LOVE my work!

Listen to the May 23rd broadcast.

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Courage I once heard a story about an 85-year-old woman whose life mantra was: “Growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” No one will challenge you more to grow up than your partner. Your partner will contest your beliefs about roles, expectations, responsibility, needs, wants, sex, and even how you brush your teeth. You will have a choice each day to  a) grow up and consider the possibility of changing how you think and how you do things or b) grow older and do things the same old way.

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