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The holidays are a time and a haven for old patterns and old feelings to play out, bringing out both arguments and anxiety. Those who tend to put themselves last on the list of priorities, find that the pattern worsens in November and December quickly losing the “happy” from our holidays. The following are strategies to assist you in bringing the “happy” back.

You & Your Partner
Create a budget that is realistic for traveling and gifts. If it’s not in your budget to travel, tell your family or find a cheaper way (the bus lines now offer inexpensive ways to travel, some even with Wi-Fi connections). If you have a large family start a new tradition: give everyone inexpensive themed gifts; donate money in their names to a charity of their choice or ask everyone to only gift items they’ve made themselves – kids love to do this!

Give the gift of love to your partner. Instead of the new IPad or IPhone, buy a weekend getaway at a local B&B. There are some spectacular B&Bs in this area that include: The New Salamander Resort, Red Fox Inn and Briar Patch in Middleburg, Virginia and The Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia to name a few. If you enjoy wine, combine your weekend with local wine tastings and a limousine. Quality time is essential to keep your relationship vital and alive and this recipe for laughter and romance tells your partner that they matter.

You & Your Family
Allow yourself the luxury of time and avoid the stress. Have your bags packed the night before. When traveling by mass transportation, book departure times that are later in the day and leave enough time to deal with traffic and security lines. Bring along books puzzles and word games, along with new and inexpensive toys to entertain yourself and the kids while you wait.

Avoid possible drama. Consider staying in a hotel instead of at a relative’s home. Make sure you have a vehicle to use so you can come and go. Reduce your trip to a couple of days versus an entire week. If it’s in the budge, book a cruise instead of celebrating with the extended family.

Seeking comfort in food, during these stressful months, makes your pants tighter, the scale heavier and leaves you feeling defeated and sluggish. Bypass or limit your normal comfort foods for healthier choices, such as turkey, fruits and vegetables, this season.

Drink lots of water. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst – so before you attack the fridge for leftovers late at night, start with a glass of water and see how you feel. When drinking alcohol, have a large glass of water in between. This keeps your alcohol consumption down and keeps you hydrated at the same time.

When you need a break, emotions start running high or you are feeling bored or sluggish, hit the pavement. Don’t forget to pack your walking or running shoes when traveling. Exercise is a wonderful way to burn the extra calories, de-stress and come back to an emotional center.

Most importantly always remember that you matter. By putting yourself and your happiness on the top of your holiday list, you are guaranteed to find more joy and less stress this season. Put the Happy in YOUR Holidays!

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