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There are many modalities of energy work. This article will be speaking specifically about energy workers who have graduated from a four year, intensive baccalaureate program at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. These graduates are called Brennan Healing Science Practitioners and can help people who suffer from depression many different ways.

 Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

This type of energy worker uses a psychological model developed by Dr. William Reich called the Five Characterological Defenses. This model is used as: 1) A new language that helps you examine why you react the way you do. 2) A way to bring consciousness and find images and beliefs that negatively affect your life. 3) A way to help you see the truth of who you are – versus the defense that you project out to the world.

 An energy worker is another set of eyes and ears. An objective observer that can help you see your feelings, patterns and fears in a different way. A curious way. A way that removes shame, guilt, and judgment. They can do this by seeing the truth of who you are under your fears. They have the ability to see qualities of yourself that you have forgotten or covered over. Finally, an energy worker can help you develop a tool called the Curious Witness/Observer. This tool gives you the skill to witness your life, reactions, and emotions from a different place.

The Life Pulse

An energy worker helps you understand that your energetic system – and all of life – works in waves. We call these waves the Life Pulse. Just like all living things we expand, pause, and contract, pause. This happens as we breathe. This happens with the seasons. It happens in relationship with another. It happens constantly in our lives in large and small ways – every minute to every year.

 Expansion feels great! Taking in information, taking in a deep breath, having a wave come up the beach and run over our feet… Contraction can feel confining, sad, quiet – a time for wanting to be alone. It can be mistaken for depression. Contraction, however, is the integration of all that we took in with the expansion. It is a nurturing and learning time. We can sit in the understand that this is not depression, we haven’t “gone down the rabbit hole” this time. Contraction allows us to expand even farther the next time!!

Tablework – Energy Field, Chakras, Hara

Clients are put on a massage table, fully clothed and warmed with blankets (if they choose). This is a quiet time for the client as they relax, receive, and allow themselves to experience all that is there for them during this part of the session.

 Energy Field

 There is scientific proof of what Eastern medicine (and religions) have known for centuries. All living things emit an energy field. This field is sometimes called an aura. The working model is that the human energy field holds all of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and words spoken since you were born. It also holds (just like your chakras) your images, beliefs, traumas, fears and woundings. There are different layers of the field that can be torn, fractured, or injured in some way.


 Your chakras are energy vorticies that are multi-faceted (they have many jobs). 1) They bring in and process energy from the air and space around you. 2) They put out energy. 3) Each chakra is responsible for the health of specific organs. 4) They take in informaion about your surroundings. 5) They process your emotions, reason, and will. 6) They hold ideas, concepts,and images that we have collected since we were born. 7) They act as filters when we bring in information.

 Think of chakras like the oil filter in your car. They can get clogged, torn, and blocked. When this happens to the oil filter, the engine is affected and doesn’t run as smoothly or efficiently. This is the same with your chakras. When they are distorted in any way, it will affect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Hara Work – The Power of Positive Intention

An energy worker, using Hara, can help you create and live in your positive intention. When you are down the rabbit hole, it is difficult to hold that intention and manifest your longings. Our hopelessness and need for happiness in the moment (negative intention) sabotages us time and time again. An energy worker can set your positive intention in your field, physical body, and mind so that you are more aware of when you go into negative intention. This work keeps the long term dreams in your consciousness and gives you a choice in the moment. Do you want this short term pleasure or can you hold out and stay true to your goals? This pause and choice can make the difference between achieving and not achieving your deepest longings.

 The Client is the Healer

 It is an energy worker’s job to release all that you are ready to release in the moment. To assist in transforming the negative to positive. To fix tears, remove blocks, unclog and heal thereby making more room for joy, bliss, positive energy and creativity. However, energy work is much like therapy and chiropractic work. If you, as the client, don’t change the patterns, thoughts and reactions that negatively affect your life. If you don’t replace destructive, old and outdated images. If you don’t work consistently to heal yourself, then your field and chakras will soon be back to where they began. The energy worker supports the process. But the process needs to be done and accomplished by you, the client.

 There is a Lesson in Depression

 As an energy worker, I don’t believe that God is mean. He doesn’t punish. Therefore, people have manifested depression for a reason. As an energy worker I believe that our injuries and dis-eases are physical manifestations of our woundings. Depression is a tool for people to learn life lessons. Allow an energy worker to help you come through the rabbit hole a happier and more joyful person. Allow them to help you find another piece of yourself that has gotten lost along the way. Allow them to help you on your path from hopelessness to hope.


Brennan, Barbara A. Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field. New York: Bantam Books, 1988.

Brennan, Barbara A. Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing. New York: Bantam Books, 1993


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