Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Sane - 45 Minutes Help

In light of the Corona Virus, school, and office closings, fear, and more I will be offering 30-minute sessions to help (and listen) to anyone that is being financially, physically, emotionally, or mentally being affected by this pandemic.

When fear comes into our lives in such a big way, we can panic, and frustrations arise. We may lose our grounding and enter “either-or thinking.” We lose sight of the creativity, innovation, possibilities, and resources that are available to us.

In order to get us through this hump – or as a permanent addition to our life/business. Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Sane sessions are virtual (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or Phone).

  • In these sessions, we can talk through your fears and what you can do to allay them.
  • We can talk about ways to boost your immune system.
  • We can talk about your business and how you can use creativity, innovation, and the resources you already have to keep business and money coming in.
  • We can talk about ways to make this additional time with your children a positive event vs a frustrating time.
  • We can discuss all that you need to get through the Corona Virus with as much sanity as possible.


3-Session Package - $450

6-Session Package - $850

This pricing is good through December 30, 2020.

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In Your Words

"I worked with Cindy during quarantine and I learned that I am "enough" and that there needs to be a purpose behind the things that I work hard in.
I will continue to reach out to Cindy after quarantine because she has always been helpful, in both the past and during the pandemic, in pointing my mindset in the right direction, and I always learn something new about myself whenever I work with her.
What I liked most about working with Cindy was coming up with lots of new tools, strategies, and ways of thinking to deal with stress and anxiety that I have experienced as a result of the Corona virus." – CL

"Cindy is one of those people that others refer to as a "helper." I've worked with her on and off for several years now and she has always been consistent in her care. While she sometimes guides me to see uncomfortable truths about myself, she is always a champion for me, and I always leave her presence with an improved outlook. She helps me to see my strengths and gives me encouragement to heal myself and improve on my weaknesses.
You always help me find balance. Thank you for your care and your wisdom.

"Cindy has the unique ability to be both direct and firm while maintaining a deep compassion and softness for those she works with. Through her guidance and energy work, Cindy has what it takes to bring you through to your next level of awareness and is willing to go deep for the growth and healing her clients seek." - Julie Gray, Powerful Living Coach |

“Either the planets just shifted, or my life did, or both after meeting with Cindy. The added clarity is lifting me to a new vista. From there life seems easier and yet livelier. Thanks so much. “ – George D.