Couples Intensive Bootcamp

Quarantine due to COVID-19 gave you new insight into your relationship.

  • Would your partnership benefit from better communication skills?
  • Would you like to shift the way you both handle conflict?
  • Is it time to infuse more love into your relationship?

You deserve a partnership that is happy, healthy, and solid. You just need the tools – and that’s where Cindy comes in.

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Length 3 hours, $475
188 Timberline Ridge Road
Front Royal, VA 22630


Choose from three tracks below to focus on
during your one-on-one time with Cindy.

1 Communication
Some of the skills you will work on will be:
The Pause, Curiosity, Speaking Your Needs, Request vs Demand, Having Your Healthy “No”, Active Listening, Reflective Speaking, Underneath the Stories, and the Do You Mean? game.

2 Conflict and Trust
Some of the skills you can expect to work on are:
Healthy Conflict, Healthy Anger, Healthy “No,” Submission vs. Surrender, Recipe For Intimacy, The Pause, The Protocol, Olive Branch, Curiosity, Underneath The Stories, and the Power Inequity.

3 Feel The Love
Some of the skills you can expect to work on are:
Recipe for Intimacy, Sex, Gratitude, Love Languages, “You are…,” “I fell in love with you because…,” How I Show Up vs. How I Want to Show Up, Surrender vs. Submission, and How to Get Your Needs Met without Traumatizing Your Partner.

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Email Cindy or call  703-966-9736



What people are saying about
Couples Intensive Bootcamp

“That far exceeded my expectations, Cindy. We are going to pick a date for our next one. It was one of the first things he said as we pulled out of your driveway. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.” – AR

“We are happy and loved the techniques we learned today!
Feeling really good about it all.” – JS

“I just wanted to thank you for a game-changing session on Saturday. My husband and I came back with a better understanding of our relationship and great tools to improve our communication skills.”  – SP

“You know what the 50 minute ‘ding’ is good for?
A really good fight after the session.”  – MD

“The couple’s session we had was the most powerful and insightful session I have ever had in my life! It feels like some switches or circuits have been reconnected inside of me.” – SS

“Cindy, you’ve found your sweet spot.”  – LW

“I enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere which brought about a calmness to be able to listen and communicate. Ability to stay on topics yet time to slightly stray and bring more perspective and understanding.”  – BS

Being a man can bring a stereotype about seeking out guidance, especially for marriage, however, please think of it as a positive not a negative. Quick analogy, you have a big vacation planned and are eager to set out. Your trip is hundreds of miles away to a new area.

If you use your vehicle’s navigation, you can get to your destination quickly and begin enjoying your vacation sooner. Navigation is similar to guidance leading to a positive outcome, steering you in the right direction.

Never be afraid to ask for help. Marriage is work but it should be filled with love and happiness. – BS

In Your Words

"Cindy is amazing to work with, and very knowledgeable in her field of practice. She has this calming aura that really makes you feel comfortable talking to her. She helped me see my problem from a different perspective, identify why I was stuck, and equipped me with strategies to conquer my current situation." - RA

"I have been working with Cindy for almost a year now and I leave each session with new insights that I can readily apply in my everyday life...with my business, my children, and my spiritual journey. I call these insights Cindy's precious jewels!" -CP

"My wife and I have been working with Cindy for a few months. Each session is enlightening and helping us to see the others' perspectives. Cindy has a special ability to "read" people's energy and sense what the true issues are. She provides straight-forward and clear advice as well as insightful anecdotes. I really appreciate what she has done for me personally and for us as a couple." RL