The Quest for Happiness

Living An Impassioned Life

Transformational Healing brings a beautiful balance of structure using our “Happiness is a Verb” program and “Organic Life-coaching” sessions.

This 12-month program, with the options to renew every four months,  addresses the obstacles preventing happiness at-the-moment.


Transformational Healing is offering a one-hour and fifteen-minute Welcoming Session for $90. The session will allow us to get to know each other.  We will discuss your goals, and you’ll learn how the program and its unique coaching approach will help you move toward those goals.  You’ll discover if Transformational Healing is the right fit for finding more happiness in your life. Sign-up for a Welcoming Session with Cindy

The Quest program is perfect if you experience:

  • Feeling lost or stuck in a monotonous schedule, like a hamster on a wheel.
  • A lack of love, joy, and passion in your daily life.
  • Sadness, self-doubt, minimal self-esteem.
  • Success in one area of your life, such as your profession, and flounder in others.
  • Insufficient love, money, food, success, and more.
  • Inadequacies: “I am not smart enough, attractive enough, popular enough…”
  • A lack of purpose

The Program’s Structure

Happiness is a Verb
This online program teaches nine happiness skills. This skill-set can further you to bring more happiness into your life. Naturally, there are more than nine skills; we believe these are the basics. We explore more techniques, as needed, during the one-on-one coaching portions.

The Nine Happiness Skills

  1. The Power of Curiosity
  2. Using The Pause Button
  3. The Gratitude ”Enoughness” Conundrum
  4. The Choices Between Either & Or
  5. Your Words Matter
  6. We Are Powerful Beings Not Victims
  7. Speak Your Needs
  8. Request vs Demand
  9. We are Good People with Bad Habits

Also, each month, you receive three exercises. You will have a Trello board to track everything from concepts learned, homework, excuses, resources and much more. The library I have created through Trello is the core structure of this proven program.

Organic Life-Coaching
In our custom one-on-one mentoring, we include in-depth guidance for additional skills based on your specific goals

It’s important to know that we are teachers, not therapists. We teach deep life and relationship skills and concepts. We provide a proactive environment where there is no re-hashing without a shift in perception.


View our video library for a look at Happiness Minis


Three virtual or in-office coaching sessions per month

Access between sessions via email, text or phone conversations of up to one hour per month

“Lessons of Life, Love & Trust” Book and accompanying Journal, below




happinessquiz-but-singleTake our
Happiness Quiz for
Couples or


To enroll and for price and payment options,
please email Cindy Battino, BHSP

Getting Started Client Forms
Our Quest for Happiness Client Intake Information Form
is under Services/Client Downloads. Please fill this out. It is an online form and will come directly to Cindy, you will receive your copy via email.

Our Policies, Procedures, and Agreement is under Services/Client Downloads. Please read thoroughly and sign. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


In Your Words

"I have found the safe and non-judgmental life coach I always dreamed of to guide me through very challenging times. I had to sort through a lot. I needed to revisit my past to deal with my reactions to current alarming situations. I was hurt and didn’t know how to deal with life’s disappointments. I started my Zoom meetings in November; I find her intuitive, direct, and no sugar-coating advice refreshing and useful." -HH

“Thank you so much for everything you do. You have positively affected my life and I can’t thank you enough!” -TM

"Cindy Battino is one of the most compassionate and caring people I know. She helps you figure out what your priorities are in life and how to focus on them. Cindy brings a world of knowledge and training to her position and is uniquely skilled as a life coach, energy worker, and healer. I would highly recommend Cindy if you want to find more happiness in your life." -KB

“Cindy, thank you for your help. I feel we accomplished more in those two hours than we did in the last two years of traditional marriage counseling. I look forward to our next meeting.” -JC

“Cindy is a breath of fresh air! She’s one of the few people who understands how vital joy and happiness are to a well-balanced, healthy life. Her passion is helping others find that beautiful life balance so they can truly thrive.”
- Diane L Haworth, Coach, Speaker, Author