How Can You Achieve Harmony?

We are made of vibrating energy. These harmonic vibrations can be detected by our inner senses. As we deal with the daily stresses of life, this harmonious connection can become fractured.

In Hara Healing, techniques help to repair, connect and strengthen this connection. Just as a tuned musical instrument feels and sounds better to the user and listener, people feel better after their energy vibrates in a more harmonious manner.

Following the Brennan Hara Healing method, Cindy uses harmonic induction to help clients connect fully with the spiritual and become grounded with the terrestrial. You will feel a revitalized inner alignment, perhaps as never before.

Through Hara work, the client’s true intentions are revealed and brought to forefront of their consciousness. Yearnings that may have been buried are examined and goals can be set. Clients can observe the ways they resist and why.

Hara Healing is gentle and not physically demanding, but it places a strong emphasis on the body’s core. The Japanese word “Hara” means the power point in the middle of the belly.

Hara work strengthens and aligns the lines and connections among the body and what surrounds it. This alignment can make the difference in how we do everything from digesting food, to posture, to heart health. Hara Healing extends this core harmony through all activities of daily living.

Beauty for me means harmony. Harmony between your inner and outer self. Between your soul and your aura.
Between your spirit and your charm.
Beauty depends on your character’s richness.”
– Jil Sander
(Dorothy Schefer, “What is beauty?” page 70)


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In Your Words

"Cindy has the unique ability to be both direct and firm while maintaining a deep compassion and softness for those she works with. Through her guidance and energy work, Cindy has what it takes to bring you through to your next level of awareness and is willing to go deep for the growth and healing her clients seek." - Julie Gray, Powerful Living Coach | Profound-Impact.com

“Either the planets just shifted, or my life did, or both after meeting with Cindy. The added clarity is lifting me to a new vista. From there life seems easier and yet livelier. Thanks so much. “ – George D.