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Wine Makes Me Happy – December 2019
Tuesday, 12.3.19
Salamander Resort, Gold Cup Wine Bar | Billiards Room, 500 North Pendleton Street, Middleburg, VA 20117

Join Cindy Battino for an intimate roundtable discussion about happiness in our lives. This group will be limited to 10 people. Each month I will present a different happiness skill. We will talk about how we can use that skill to take us further up the happiness scale.

While we are talking about happiness we can enjoy a glass of wine. Tuesday nights it is 1/2 price bottles of wine at Gold Cup!

Location: Gold Cup Wine Bar at Salamander Resort, in the Billards Room  | MAP

When: We meet the First Tuesday of Every Month!



In Your Words

“Cindy surrounded me with such acceptance and understanding that my only choice was to accept and understand myself more fully. Our sessions were always motivating, stimulating, and constructive. I heartily recommend her!”

Divorce coaching is the single best investment I've ever made for myself and my children. I hired Cindy first, even before my attorney. Choosing a lawyer would have gone terribly wrong without Cindy's expertise.

Divorce is an inexplicably horrible and crazy process; the BEST decision I made was to work with Cindy. She skillfully guided me through a vicious battle I wanted no part of. With Cindy's help, I held onto my heart and my values, protected myself and my children, and made it through with my integrity intact. The absolute last thing you want to do is make missteps in your divorce process... but how is anyone supposed to know how to manage this? I didn't know what I was going to do on so many levels. Well-meaning advice from loved ones can make matters worse. Cindy is a neutral, objective and experienced guide. With her support, I navigated this agonizing process with more grace than I ever imagined.

Words cannot fully express my gratitude for her through this phase in my life. - K.D.