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Happiness Mini Video: Request vs. Demand

In less than 90 seconds hear why when others say "no" you are on the road to more happy. It is simple, short, and straightforward advice you can use right away. Want more happy, check out Cindy's blog  Request versus Demand  ... VIEW LARGER

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9.19.16 Request vs. Demand: Happiness Mini:

Happiness Minis: An Inspirational Video Series We were taught when we were young that it was not OK to demand of others. When we did demand, (have a tantrum) we got punished. As we grew up we learned that it was not socially acceptable to demand. Therefore, as the brilliant beings we are, we learned […]

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As you read a portion of the testimonials throughout our site, please keep in mind:
"93% of Transformational Healing's past clients say that their life was transformed during their work with Cindy."

- based on a recent survey, 10/2015

"Every time I see Cindy I come away feeling empowered, stronger, and feeling like I can breath again to face life's challenges. Thank you Cindy." -CZ

“It's not an overstatement to say that our work together was a complete game changer for me.  You helped me let go of painful attachments and to open myself up to happiness.  My ex and I get along better than ever and the boys have adjusted well to the new world order. You asked me to envision what a happy relationship looks like.  I work every day to be a good to myself and others embrace a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you for making a difference in my life ” J.P.
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