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“As a trainer, I saw people have the longing to be at a healthier weight, but they were not successful in achieving their goal or maintaining it. These were highly successful professionals who could afford me as a personal trainer, but they used words about themselves like ‘lazy’ and ‘undisciplined.’ I knew these self-perceptions were false.


I started looking for other reasons why people with million-dollar businesses couldn’t lose 20 pounds and keep it off. I began to uncover how much our ‘stuff’ or ‘baggage’ gets in our way. I learned about the need for a conscious connection between mind, body and spirit. After studying Reiki, I wanted to continue to study more in depth; The Brennan School of Healing had the guidance, highly experienced and talented instructors, and credentials.”

– Cindy Battino

Brennan Energy Work is a holistic practice that uses high sense perception, exploring the relationship to health and disease. The school’s founder, Dr. Barbara Brennan, a former NASA physicist, is a pioneer and innovator in the field of energy consciousness.

With degrees in Energy Medicine, Atmospheric Physics, and lecturer on quantum physics, Brennan brought together the science, spirit and the material world. She created practical guidance for this complementary medicine exploring the human energy field, (sometimes called auras) and how they apply to healing and personal transformation.

Brennan Healing Science helps people with their physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual challenges, so they can discover their own unique path in life. This is a transformation that often leads to a more centered, balanced, and loving life. This, in turn, results in personal and professional fulfillment, touching every aspect of a person’s life to improve the quality of life.

We all have sets of similar and unique circumstances that regulate the variety of situations we may face. A Brennan Healing Practitioner honestly monitors and clarifies intent during the course of the client relationship, both generally and in the moment. In any given client session, Cindy may employ varied techniques and incorporate elements of multiple modalities depending on the needs of each client.

Brennan Energy Workers employs sound technical healing skills and well-developed high sense perception. Practitioners also have a strong sense of personal responsibility, integrity, joy in creative expression, and delight in discovering and bringing forth their unique work into the world.

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In Your Words

"I visited classrooms at BBSH. I have never seen such a consistently happy and positive group...In addition to providing your students the most intensive personal psychotherapy program I know, the overall course work exceeds the requirements in many conventional Ph.D. programs." ~ Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., founder of the American Holistic Medical Association

"I always have a sense of safety and well-being when I go to my sessions with Cindy. She is always concerned and explains things to me in a very clear way. Every time is a new different and great experience. I get out of it among other things: happiness, well-being, peace, harmony, energy, direction. Learning to trust more and trying to accept my self and love my self more Cindy is very professional, kind, respectful, non-judgmental and is very dedicated to her healing profession." - Betina

“Cindy has given me the support I needed to make an enormous career change. She did this by her wonderful presence, focus, and her ability to respond in the moment. She zeros in on exactly what is needed to release blocks and/or negative patterns to solve a problem. At the end of the session you realize it’s been a total collaboration. You feel like you were with a most intimate, wonderful friend, with no strings attached. You are renewed.” – Cynthia E.

"Cindy brings a charming energy and enthusiasm to her work as a life coach and energy healer. After working with her, I have felt a shift to a more balanced life, both physically and mentally." – S.W.