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Professional Speaking Engagements

Women Finding Happiness

Cindy is passionate about helping women in business find more happiness in their lives. By happiness, she means more confidence and more success. By happiness, she means women finding their true power, authenticity, fierceness, and value. With her keynotes, workshops and life coaching she strives to help women find their words to speak their truth, speak their needs and to learn how to have healthy conflict in their relationships.

Learning these empowerment skills brings more happiness to their lives. To sum up Cindy’s passion for speaking to businesswomen: “A woman who finds their words, confidence & fierceness = A woman unstoppable.” Cindy Battino

Speaking Engagements

Cindy’s speaking engagements are known for her honesty, humor, realness, impact, and improvisation. Also bring in Cindy to do a workshop for your managers and employees. Samples of her speaking topics include:

  • Owning Your Unique You – It’s time to stop apologizing and achieve your destiny.
  • Workshop Series for Managers:
    – How to Manage the Needy Employee
    – How to Manage the Bully
    – How to Manage the Employee Playing Victim
  • 4 Happiness Skills Guaranteed To Improve Management Styles and Create A More Productive Team
  • Identifying Your Staff’s Greatest Strengths & Weakness Without DISC or Myer’s Brigg’s Testing
  • 4 Skills Guaranteed to Bring More Happiness

Hire Cindy to motivate and inspire you and others to live a bigger, happier and empowered life.

The fee is based on location, travel, length of the workshop, etc.
Reserve via our contact form or by phone at 703-966-7620

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Cindy’s Short Biography for press and appearances below.

Cindy Battino, BHSP
Life coach, energy worker, speaker, author and happiness provider; these are just a few words to describe Cindy Battino. In 2003 Cindy began learning energy work. After four years of intensive study, she became a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. Previously Cindy graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Economics. She uses the relationship and life skills taught at The Brennan School to help her clients find more beauty in themselves and happiness in their lives. In 2011she founded Transformational Healing in Middleburg, Virginia.

Cindy is a life coach, energy worker and she specializes in helping people (especially women) stand in their fierceness, feel enough and find their happiness. She has two undergraduate degrees in Energy Science and Economics. She has written books, writes blogs, does podcasts, and created videos to help people find more happiness in their lives. Stop by her site at transforn-heal.com to see all this and more.

What People Are Saying

Virginia Women’s Business Conference

“On behalf of the 2017 Virginia Women’s Business Conference, I would like to personally thank you for speaking at our most successful conference to date.

We’ve received very positive feedback from the attendees – nearly 600, and your efforts to present a quality and engaging presentation certainly added to the success of this year’s conference.  

Here are a few testimonials we received and wanted to share with you:

“Best session all day – actionable takeaways to implement. Great energy, relatable, fabulous speaker.”

“The most amazing! I love her voice and her presentation. She is fabulous.”

“Should be the closing speaker! Great energy, fun, and informative.”

“Enthusiastic and engaging speaker. My favorite session of the day.”

“Very engaging, enthusiastic, and authentic.”

“Again, we appreciate the sharing of your time and expertise – I know the attendees walked away with tremendous value and we look forward to seeing you at the 2018 conference!”
Kim Hovda, 
JP Events & Consulting





Keynote Speaker
In this keynote, Cindy speaks on the important topic of The Value of Unhappiness. Why do people tolerate pain and grief? Why don’t more people seek happiness? Cindy takes you through the benefits and utility of these life choices.

View Cindy’s 2018 Speaker Reel



Valley Business Women-Happiness Maker

“Fantastic presentation and an insightful,
great way to look at my reactions.”



“Awesome presentation”

“You’re Amazing. I want to follow in your footsteps.”

Corporate Team Building Workshop

“So much fun! ”

“Great to learn about the people we work with.”

“Awesome! Fun!”







In Your Words

"Cindy has been an incredible motivator for me personally as well as many others. I am her videographer and have made several videos for her and recorded countless presentations and talks from small to huge. Some things I notice when she speaks is that she really connects with her audience and is engaging, fun, and powerfully motivating. I know that she changes many lives with her talks and hope to have you consider her for a TED talk." -Chris
,br> Attendees at Renewed Living – Dancing Queens: "Fun! * Super Presentation * Loved the light-hearted approach to serious stuff * Amazing! * Very interesting way of presenting * Very animated * Phenomenal Speaker * Enjoyed it immensely"

“Cindy is a gifted speaker and absolutely delightful.” - Four-time Emmy Winner, Jan Fox, Fox Talks: Inspiring Bold Speaking

Natural Living Expo – Owning your unique you: "I loved the session" "I was late and still got a lot out of the session"

“Cindy helps my clients to focus and teaches them new skills, which reduces the stress and emotional pain of divorce. It has made my job easier as Cindy helps them to cope, heal and learn. The daily numerous texts and emails about emotional issues have decreased significantly. I spend my clients’ time with me on the financial issues. Cindy has made a difference!” Joan Coullahan, Financial Divorce Expert. Founder of Your Divorce Force.

“Cindy was invited to speak at a Sterling Women luncheon. She spoke to 150 women about falling deeper in love with yourself and how when you allow yourself more compassion and love; you will take greater risks and grow your business to new heights. Cindy walked us through a visualization that surprised us and made us curious about how we look at ourselves. The talk was motivating; she got a shout out on WincFm, our local radio station the next day. Cindy was a terrific speaker. Also, many attendees who heard her speak have told me they are working with her and love her work." - Kristina Bouweiri, President, Reston Limousine