Professional Speaking Engagements

Cindy is available as a keynote or session speaker. She will share how energy healing techniques can enable people to move beyond past boundaries, and look forward to positive development, realizing their full potential.

Cindy is available as a keynote or session speaker. She will share the transformational power of life coaching being combined with energy work and how it can help those experiencing separation/divorce, grief/loss, health crisis, or couples who are unhappy.

Cindy can share her five step signature methods for each of these challenges – moving from unhappiness to peace and joy. Cindy’s speaking engagements are known for their honesty, humor, and charisma. She takes those listening on a journey they never expected.

Cindy can speak on any aspect of divorce, creating healthy boundaries, and grief. Cindy will work with you to understand your specific requirements and desired format, and develop an outline to meet your needs.

To have Cindy speak to you about how to rise from the ashes of divorce to a new, powerful, passionate, joyful person, or to find out more about Transformational Healing’s custom presentations, please contact us via our contact form or by phone at 703-966-7620


In Your Words

“Cindy helps my clients to focus and teaches them new skills, which really reduces the stress and emotional pain of divorce. It has made my job so much easier as Cindy helps them to cope, heal and learn. The daily numerous texts and emails about emotional issues has decreased significantly. My clients’ time with me is now spent on the financial issues. Cindy has definitely made a difference!” Joan Coullahan, Financial Divorce Expert. Founder of Your Divorce Force.

“Cindy was invited to speak at a Sterling Women luncheon. She spoke to 150 women about falling deeper in love with yourself and how when you allow yourself more compassion and love, you will take greater risks and grow your business to new heights. She walked us through a visualization that surprised us and made us curious about how we look at ourselves. The talk was so motivating, she got a shout out on WincFm, our local radio station the next day. Cindy was a terrific speaker. In addition, many attendees who heard her speak have told me they are working with her and love her work." - Kristina Bouweiri, President, Reston Limousine

"Cindy Battino brings an insightful perspective to individuals confronting issues of separation, divorce, or any type of grief or loss. Cindy can combine a frank and straightforward approach with a very sensitive, holistic, approach to give individuals both a caring and firm helping hand through their loss. Not only is Cindy very attentive to the individual’s needs, you want to listen to her more, be around her more, and consider how what she recommends can be applied to one’s own life. Reinvention is no small task, but Cindy is particularly skilled in motivating individuals that they can overcome whatever obstacles lie in the way. I can only give the highest of praise to Cindy Battino." - Christian M. Lapham, Esq, Second Saturday
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