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In this podcast, the “Quest for Happiness is not Perfect,” Cindy’s most revealing to date, she has the time to go deeper into her past and explain her work today. Listen and take advantage of a special offer from Cindy.

Cindy Battino is the founder and owner of Transformational Healing, and in the past 26 years, she has become a life coach, energy worker, and happiness expert. Cindy began her quest to help others find happiness in the fitness industry as an aerobics instructor, then became a personal trainer. Realizing in her early 30s that she could not seem to find happiness for herself, MORE

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On the outside it looks like you have everything. The perfect family, job, home, the kids, you have it all. Why are you still so miserable?

Find “Your Quest for Happiness Now” Podcast with Cindy and Camille (Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Sandy, Utah)

You can also find the “Your Quest for Happiness Now” Podcast on iTunes.

Cynthia Battino, life coach, energy worker, speaker, author, life changer and happiness expert shares how she transformed her life from miserable to marvelous by the MORE

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I presented a webinar that focused on balancing your home, work, life priorities. When you have balance it will bring more happiness.
Some of the topics covered were:

  • Happiness truths
  • Getting prepared
  • Asking for help and support
  • Multiple everyday tips to make the process easier
  • Delegating at home and work
  • Finding time thieves
  • The healthy “no”
  • Listener Q&A.

Watch this common sense focus rich webinar today. Just fill in the registration page to instantly access the free webinar.

Happiness Webinar: Home / Life Balance










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