“My last horse, Galileo, was my greatest teacher with regard to trust, healing and my heart. I was invited to a workshop, entitled: Trusting Deeply. At this event I wrote in my journal about all the lessons he taught me in the eight years we were together. Lessons that are helping me take the person I was with him at the barn and bring that big, bold, confident and magnificent person to my business and to all of you. As you will see, he showed me the power of the heart.”







In Your Words

Coming up with words to describe Cindy is a difficult task. To say she has helped me in the years I have known her is an understatement. Cindy is the angel who will get in your face and say wake up!! LOUDLY! Her guidance and perspective on life has helped me come to terms with many issues I have faced since my husband passed and to deal with them. To be again myself and the person I’m meant to be. Thank you Cindy!! -B.O.
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