Webinar Series 2019

LIVE WEBINAR Monday, November 11, 2019 | noon  – 1 pm ET


cindy_webinwebinar-surrender-doghouseShifting the Skills that Put You in
the Doghouse at Home.

Are you traveling from your corner office at work to the doghouse at home? Then this webinar is for you.

The reality has always been, you can’t or don’t behave the same at work as you do at home and vice versa. For most of us, these are two separate cultures. When you are holding a job with a high level of responsibility, home can be like another country.
Have you ever thought, “No one would realize I’m gone unless the money stopped?”

Different rules and ways of managing things, and the perception of home life, while you are away, can lead to a stress-filled transition.

Learn how to adjust the know-how that works for your career,savespotrd2_but
 yet puts you in the doghouse at home.


In Your Words

"Cindy is wonderful at making you aware of the tools you have within yourself to find balance and happiness in your life."

"Best session all day - actionable takeaways to implement. Great energy, relatable, fabulous speaker."

"Cindy is an extremely knowledgeable resource for life skills that lead to more personal happiness and contentment in relationships. I always learn something from Cindy and I’m better for having her in my life."