Webinar Series 2019

doghouseLIVE WEBINAR  Thursday, July 18, 2019 | noon  – 1 pm ETcindy_webin

Super Hero to Imperfect Human
do “they” have to be so difficult?

Learn how to adjust the skills that got you into the C-Suite at work and into the doghouse at home.

• You’ll learn to identify your “at-home” abilities for success.

• You will find out why it can be more difficult when home life goes wrong vs. work life.

• See how at-home meetings should differ from at-work meetings.  And much more.

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Join us to discover ways you can be a hero in your house.


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Future topics in this series include:

Identifying skills that don’t translate.

Stop complaining, I’m giving you a good life.

I’d rather be at work than home, it’s easier.