Walk & Talk

Cindy is offering a new walk and talk program starting this summer and going into fall.

Come as you are, by yourself or with a friend.

The sessions are held in Middleburg and Leesburg and last 4 hours.

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Email Cindy or call  703-966-9736

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Length 4 hours

$199 individual

$259 add a friend

Middleburg or Leesburg


In Your Words

"I worked with Cindy during the quarantine. I learned that I am more adaptable than I thought and that everyone was dealing with the same feelings of isolation and uncertainty. Cindy reminded me that I wasn't alone." - ST

"I have been working with Cindy for almost a year now and I leave each session with new insights that I can readily apply in my everyday life...with my business, my children and my spiritual journey. I call these insights Cindy's precious jewels!" -CP

"My wife and I have been working with Cindy for a few months. Each session is enlightening and helping us to see the others' perspectives. Cindy has a special ability to "read" people's energy and sense what the true issues are. She provides straight-forward and clear advice as well as insightful anecdotes. I really appreciate what she has done for me personally and for us as a couple." RL