In a Crisis | Donate to you


Offer good until June 15th!

Stay Healthy, Safe, and Sane.

How do you stop a pandemic? I cannot answer that.
How do you move through the changes asked of you?
I can help with that.

In light of so many, businesses, schools, and other gathering places closing their doors, I am holding sessions for my past and present clients on a donation basis, through Venmo. You pay what you can.

I am also extending this change to anyone you care about; including Couple’s Work. Until we get everyone working again, I want to make sure that my clients and those they love and care about, stay emotionally healthy.

If you have in-person sessions booked, I can postpone them until the crisis is over.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Sane sessions are virtual (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or Phone).

My new phone number is 703-966-9736.

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In Your Words

"Cindy has the unique ability to be both direct and firm while maintaining a deep compassion and softness for those she works with. Through her guidance and energy work, Cindy has what it takes to bring you through to your next level of awareness and is willing to go deep for the growth and healing her clients seek." - Julie Gray, Powerful Living Coach |

“Either the planets just shifted, or my life did, or both after meeting with Cindy. The added clarity is lifting me to a new vista. From there life seems easier and yet livelier. Thanks so much. “ – George D.