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Happiness Minis: An Inspirational Video Series

When we truly embrace our power, we can’t behave or feel like a victim in our life. It can’t be both.

The truth is that we are all powerful beings. We can change a person’s day for the positive with a small act of kindness. We can also ruin a person’s day with our negativity, judgment or lack of compassion. If we are influential enough that a smile or look of disdain can change a mood or event, then it proves our power. We can no longer live in denial or victimization.


When you take responsibility for your power, it will help you become more conscious of how you speak and act throughout your day. When you let someone into traffic, when you give a stranger a smile, when you leave a love note for your partner – you are acting in line with your heart and your truth. When you realize that you have just acted unkindly, apologize. It takes a strong person to clean up their mess.

You want more happy in your life? Stand in your power. Walk in your power. Speak in your power. Live in your power. You are not a victim. You are a powerful being.


View my Happiness Mini Video: We are Powerful Beings


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