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The statistics are not pretty, only 20% of marriages claim to be happy and fulfilling. Want to be in that 20%? Hear Cindy speak on Tuesday, November 5th, at 3 pm.  In this broadcast, Cindy will give you information to help your relationship. Once you listen you’ll want more.  Her upcoming workshop will cover the subject more detail:  Re-Charge Your Marriage – Weekend Intensive – February 1 & 2 in 2014 (re-scheduled from the 15th and 16th) in 2014. Get more information on our Event Calendar.

Click into the Program – Re-Charge Your Marriage

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Managing people is difficult. Period. There are personalities, moral codes, needs, and then their personal lives to be dealt with. What makes a good manager a great one? MORE

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Whether your project is repainting a bathroom, buying furniture for your living room, or building a new house, setting boundaries and budgets is essential to reducing the stress of any task. Don’t fall into the Money Pit! MORE