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A Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Who should participate? Girls 15-18 and Women of all ages

What is it? This workshop (as the name implies), is for females that want to stand in their power, on a daily basis. The workshop is about finding your inner female warrior. Where does it exist and when you do lose it?

Length of workshop 3.5 Hours

Number of participants minimum 5 to run the workshop and a maximum of 10

Power Words . Practice saying “No” .  Power Place . Your “We” Zip Line . Bridges . Trust Fall .  Pulling it all Together

Day/Date Sunday
May 21:  9:30 am-1 pm Mother Daughter Day

Dear Moms:
I am so excited about our Mother/Daughter Workshops. This is an opportunity to create a deeper bond between you and your daughter. It is a chance for them to see you stand in your True Power and witness them as they do the same. It will be an inspiring and exciting 3.5 hours as we stand, chant, learn and fly through the air.

I want to offer you a special deal: We can only have 10 people at a time. If you can round up four other Mother/Daughter teams, then you and your daughter will have this experience for FREE!

Call 703-966-7620 to reserve now.

In Your Words

What Participants Say about the Workshop

“No matter what your fears or hesitations that stop you in life…you will come out of this workshop knowing they cannot stop you anymore.” LR

“An enlightening experience everyone can learn from.” CD

“Sometimes you have to face your fear to find your power. This workshop is all about facing your fear.” CB

“When you have great people doing great things you will be a part of something you will always remember and help you continue to grow.” JS

“I walked away feeling more aware of who I am and who I don’t want to be.” AT

“The Fierce Women Workshop was an empowering experience that all women should try.” JC

“This was a powerful workshop. I am a Fierce Woman!” BT

“This was an eye-opening experience to what triggers our loss of power.” BO

“A wonderful workshop designed to empower women, help women overcome their fears and learn to stand in their power. Loved It! JS