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Cindy speaks with Christina Nitschmann on Savvy Central Radio with her advice following the Ashley Madison scandal. Cindy talks about betrayal, heartbreak, the fallout, and the decisions couples face. She speaks about how in the heat of discovery, everything looks black and white but it really isn’t, it’s more subtle, more gray. Find out why running to a divorce attorney first, can be a very bad, expensive decision.

Download the (mp3) interview. It can play on iTunes.
 Cindy Battino_Oct2015 AshleyMadisonScandal.mp3

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In this column Cynthia will answer your emotionally-based and general questions about divorce. Cynthia is a life coach and energy worker who specializes in working with people considering or going through divorce.

Dear Cynthia:
I have been married for ten years and have two young children. I am unhappy in my marriage as my MORE

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This is the second part of a two article series about the Ashley Madison Scandal. Last week we looked at how to deal with being blindsided with information about your partner. This article will look at the gray areas surrounding the why it happened. MORE