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Happiness Minis: An Inspirational Video Series

The “Attitude of Gratitude” is a powerful tool and can help you shift from negativity and judgment to positivity and gratefulness. However, when you struggle with “enoughness,” like many of us do, gratitude is a difficult task.

What is enoughness? Is that even a word? Nope, but I use it all the time. When you feel enough, you feel full from the inside out. Many of us struggle with feeling good enough. This battle means we look for our “enoughness” from the outside.

Do you feel skinny enough, smart enough, successful enough? Can you walk into a store without purchasing something? Have ever felt like you have enough money, things, shoes? Do you need validation from your partner, boss, friends that you are good enough, pretty enough, worthy enough? When we always need more, we are living in a “lack” mentality. We feel we need more love, shoes, diets, money, toys.

What does living in a lack mentality, have to do with gratitude? Logically, if we don’t have enough, it is hard to be grateful. If I wear jeans every day but only have three pairs that fit, then being grateful for the three pairs can be tough if not impossible.

There is a lot of talk about finding happiness through the Attitude of Gratitude. But if you struggle with knowing what “enough” is for you, then that is where you need to start. Find your unique definition of enoughness. Enoughness it is a journey unto itself.

Want more happy? Start by finding out what ”Enough” is for you.


View my Happiness Mini Video: The Gratitude/Enoughness Conundrum




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