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Happiness Minis: An Inspirational Video Series

As adults, we are just big kids. Most likely if you were shy as a kid, you are shy as an adult. We say kids are mean, but we all know lots of adults that are mean too. Kids learn through repetition – and so do adults. That’s why there is a 100 time rule.

bigkidsThe 100 Time Rule: You know that if you buy our child a piece of candy as you wait in the grocery line, you are setting yourself up for them asking the next time you go to the grocery store. If, the next time, you don’t want to buy them candy as you wait, then you know they will ask the next 100 times. If you give in on time 5 or 99, you will start the process from scratch.
If you can accept that we, as adults, are just big kids, then you can apply the 100x Rule to adults as well. When you make a change that affects another person, expect them to continue the old behavior 100 more times before they adjust to the new way. No need to get frustrated. They are doing what is human and normal. They’re not trying to make you angry. So, hold your ground. Follow through. Take a deep breath. You got this.

Want more happy? Remember that we are all just big kids.

View my Happiness Mini Video: We are All Just Big Kids





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