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Happiness Minis: An Inspirational Video Series

Curiosity: Let go of Judgments, Drop Assumptions, Ask Questions

What would it be like to look at the world through the eyes of children? The eyes of curiosity and wonder.



We spend much of our time judging and assuming. This usually gets us into trouble. Shifting to curiosity is a positive lens. When we are genuinely curious it makes it easier to ask questions. Are they really angry? Or, did you assume they were angry because of their facial expression? ASK. Then you will know the truth.

Curiosity is powerful. It allows us to know another person in a new and exciting way. Use your words and ask the questions. Don’t assume you know the answers. Looking at yourself and others with the eyes of curiosity allows you to learn more. It means that you are interested. It means that everyone matters.

You want more happy? Stop judging. Stop assuming. Be curious and start asking some questions.

View my Happiness Mini Video for more insight: Curiosity









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