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Dear Divorcing Couples:
Learn from my mistakes: Downsize, downsize and downsize some more after divorce!

A GREAT friend and divorce financial guru, Bonnie Sewell with American Capital Planning, preaches each month at Second Saturday about cutting back after divorce. “You have to go down before you can go back up.” She tells those that will listen that you must live on a budget and get rid of all that you can so your time line of rising back up to your previous financial state will be shorter – not longer. “Expect your financial ‘diet’ to be 3-5 years. Then your wealth will begin to increase again.” Why 3-5 years? Your expenses will be stabilized, you will have a better job and your income will begin to rise.

What will happen if you don’t downsize enough? Well, if you were the payee of the spousal support in your divorce, you will go through your money more quickly and it will most likely put you on a much slower trajectory to financial abundance and comfortable living.

My recommendation to all of you reading this important article is to suck up your ego and pride. Downsize, downsize and downsize some more! Move into something just big enough for you and your kids. Don’t buy. Rent. Go from your Acura or Audi to a Honda or a used Toyota. Sell your designer clothes and jewelry. Put this money away for months where you have extra expenses. Only buy clothes that are on sale. Forget Whole Foods and shop at Wegmans. Get a job with growth potential and start working your way up the ladder. If you choose to start your own business then cut down even more and get ready to hold on for a wild ride.

Work that budget!!! If you are the payee with spousal support, make a budget where you can put some of that money away each month. Create a financial timeline where you can live without this money as quickly as possible. This will shorten your overall timeframe to financial comfort and abundance substantially! Keep your eye on the goal – financial security.

Trust me. I know of what I speak. I went through the hundreds of thousands because I didn’t want to downsize more than I should have in the beginning. I am now on a positive trajectory, but I could have been on one MANY years ago. Learn from my Confessions!



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