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As a Happiness Expert I am constantly stymied when I meet people who are obviously not happy and yet are not ready to make changes to improve their lives. Over the last ten years I have found that humans have an enormous capacity to tolerate grief, pain, complacency, anger and fear in their lives.

Over and over I have witnessed people who wait until their tolerance level has hit its maximum capacity, their lives are turned upside down, and they are in emotional paralysis before they reach out for help. They wait until they feel broken inside, so depressed they consider suicide, and their marriages so broken no one can fix them.

Why? What is the value of unhappiness? And, what is your tipping point?

Don’t need a Happiness Expert in your life? You should. You are imperfect. No guilt or shame. You are created that way. That means you have bad habits (due to fear) that you can work on and move up that happiness scale in all areas of your life. No?


Who wouldn’t benefit from

  • Learning new communication skills
  • Learning how to do conflict in a healthy way (versus avoidance or war) that brings two people closer together rather than further apart
  • Having healthier boundaries – knowing when to bring people into their lives and when to exit them out
  • More self-worth, self-confidence and self-love
  • More happiness, giggles, laughter and gratitude

You don’t have to wait until life is so grim you can’t do it anymore. When do you say: “I deserve more. I deserve better?” What is the value of your unhappiness and what is your tipping point?

As a wise woman once told me: Happiness is your Divine right. You DESERVE to show up in a fierce way in all areas of your life. You DESERVE to have a happy marriage. You DESERVE to love yourself to the best of your ability.

I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be here when you are ready to garner your courage and reach toward happiness versus accepting and tolerating complacency and unhappiness. I’ll be here when you realize that any new skill you learn to improve your relationship with yourself and others can only make your life better and easier.

I’ll be here when you realize that YOU are the common denominator of your unhappiness, therefore, YOU ARE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR IN YOUR HAPPINESS. Take what is supposed to be yours…happiness.

Original post by Jill Kurtz, Kurtz Digital Strategy


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