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Since I began my path as an energy worker, I have surrounded myself around people in alternative and holistic professions. To create an abundant energy practice, I have joined local networking groups. When I tell people what I do, the response is often, “You mean energy as in Oil & Gas?” At first I was taken aback. Then I found it humorous. What it ultimately told me, however, is that part of my work is to educate the public on my profession. Energy work does not just consist of Reiki. Energy work has many different modalities. It can reach and help many, many people! It is not magic. It is not woo woo. It is real. It is transformational.

As an Energy Worker, I work with the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies of a being. The Energetic System is made up of the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies/aspects of each person – which is reflected in their 7 chakras. Chakras are energy vorticies – think of them as the oil filter in your engine… If the filter gets clogged, torn, overused, it affects how the engine performs. All of our thoughts, spoken words, actions and in actions, beliefs, shame, guilt, fear, happiness, etc. are in our field from the time that we are born – and affect our chakras. Our field protects us. Projects aspects of us. Filters the information we receive – based on past experiences.

As An Energy Worker, I help my clients create consciousness in their lives of:

1. Their images & beliefs (that limit). For example: Women should be barefoot and pregnant. Men only want sex. To have a good work ethic I need to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Negative, destructive, or outdated beliefs limit our ability to grow and manifest our deepest longings.

2. We look at their patterns & reactions (that create pain & limit). When you react in a negative way to a comment or situation, it brings pain to you and the other. Looking for alternative ways to respond, and to understand why you are reacting negatively in the first place, helps you pause and have a choice!

3. We look in their bodies and fields for their fears (that limit). We have been living with our fears for so long that they have become a white noise hum we no longer consciously hear. By looking to your body and field, you can find clues that lead you to your underlying fear.

4. We uncover the brilliance of their hearts (that create joy and expansion). How many of us haven’t been in a traumatic relationship where there has been pain? We ALL have. Therefore, it makes sense that we guard and shield our hearts. By knowing that your heart is your biggest asset and it can never be taken from you, you begin to enjoy, revel in, and share the incredible light and love that emanates naturally from your being.

5. They become more conscious of their CHOICES! Due to our fears, we are now hard-wired to believe: “This is who I am. This is my character. This is how I react.” Well, that is NOT the truth!! It is like believing that there is only one type of cellular phone available, when we can walk into the nearest Verizon store and have 20 to choose from. You DO have choices!! Every day! In every way! How do you WANT to react? Who do you WANT to be?

6. I mirror for them their truth; their beauty, brilliance, strength, compassion; their core qualities that are not tainted by pain…I help them remember who they REALLY are! The person God created them to be.

What makes this work so transformational is that energy work is based on Love. I am just a conduit of God’s love. All energy workers have one thing in common: We carry an intention in our work that we will do NO harm. When you look on another with eyes of love, you see their truth. This is not the norm, right? When you look in the mirror do you see YOUR truth? Or do you see all of your imperfections? We usually look at ourselves and others through eyes of fear. When I look at another with love and see their truth, it allows THEM to look at themselves with love.

So, who can I help with this work? With this work of love and truth?

1. People who are in major transitions in their lives… Divorce, cancer, children leaving the home, financial crisis, getting clean from addiction. “This is who I thought I was, but it isn’t who I am…So, who am I?” People that feel stuck or lost.

2. Those that are struggling with clinical depression, anxiety, phobias and can’t find their happiness.

3. People that are victims of abuse.

4. And, finally, people who struggle with their fate. Answering the question: “Why Me??!!”

Who else can I help? You know when some areas of your life are GREAT – and others, not so much… I help you identify the patterns that exist in this area of your life that do not serve you or your best and highest good. How to STOP the loop. Those that are having difficulty manifesting their longings, dreams, and goals in their lives. We look for the: Why and Where is the self-sabotage? You learn how to achieve those longings. Those on their Spiritual Quest: Answering the “tough” questions: Why Am I Here?? What is my Path? What is my Destiny? Finally, the most transformation work I have found is: Grief Work . By healing old wounds; saying Goodbye, and then moving on.

So, no, I don’t deal with Oil & Gas. I do wish my work could bring down the gas prices!!! However, I deal with the whole being in front of me. The beautiful essence that has been forgotten by the human who has been hurt and traumatized by life. Are you ready to Transform Your Life? I hope to see you via Skype or in my new office in Middleburg, Virginia.

Love to you


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