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You are working so hard and things just aren’t gelling. You are praying for clients. You are praying for happiness. You are praying for a loving partner. You feel frustrated, alone, tired, and ready to give up.

So do just that - give up. Give up this method, step off the path, take a seat and look around.

We are creatures of habit, comfort and control.

Even when we know what we do is wrong or counterproductive, if we’ve been doing it for awhile, we feel comfortable and in control. We are told success comes from determination, so we create plans and stick to them no matter what. Admitting something did not work is hard. It is often seen as failure when it is really a great lesson. After all, how else would you have known what worked for George would not work for you? Guessing? A pros and cons list? Wiki? Often it just means trying it out, looking and then mapping another route.

When you are on the right path, you are on the right path.

Some professionals call themselves serial entrepreneurs. Businesses one through three didn’t quite fit the bill, and now with all this knowledge in hand, business number four is working. It seems that those that have more get more. Actors (after 20 years in the business) get free couture, frequent travelers (after snoozing through multiple red eye flights) get even more free miles. Well, that’s true.

When you are traveling along your bliss line, you open up and attract what has eluded you. All of a sudden life moves more easily. Puzzle pieces fall into place. You meet with a person who has previously been ellusive. You are referred to people who end up playing a significant role in your life. And it is because you “gave up” looked around, took stock of what worked and what did not work, and stepped off your beaten path to try another.

New roads can be scary or not.

We’ve all been in the car when it magically took a wrong turn.
“Where are we?”
“I don’t know, I’ve never been here before.”
“It doesn’t look good.”
“You are right, lets turn around fast.”
“It’s nice.”
“Yes it is, I did not know this was here.”
“Let’s come back again and explore further”
Leaving one path so that you can take another can be scary. And may require grieving “what was” so that you can move forward to “what will be.” But it can also be enlightening. It takes consciousness and the ability to look at life in a different way.

Your vision is limited to what you are willing to look at.

Listen closely. Be flexible and open to the opportunities that present themselves on a daily basis that might not be a part of your current plan of action. Our TRUE path – our journey– can be a path of abundance in all of its forms, a path of wholeness. Make it a path of joy, bliss, love, lessons, and healing.

Love to you


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