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Is your life filled with turmoil? Are you the repair-person for other people’s problems? Is your life consumed with money worries, drama, too many chores, and anxiety? The concept for Reinventing Simplicity means that there is greater value in a) tranquility than drama; b) peace than chaos; and c) harmony than anxiety. If you choose to simplify your life, it will require making some large changes.

Start with a KISS.

The easiest way to create simplicity, is to remove your ego from the equation and use the KISS method (Keep It Simple Sweetie). Examine your life in detail. Where have you made life more complicated than it needs to be? Where have you taken on more than you are comfortable with because you can’t say “no”?

You can’t control your teenager’s angst and emotional rollercoaster, but you can control how many pets you have. You can control whether you have friends who are empowering or suck the life out of you. You can control (and use KISS on):

  • How many activities your children are involved in
  • Whether you have family dinners
  • How many tasks and responsibilities you take on outside of work and home
  • How many hours you work
  • Whether you make time to exercise and eat healthy
  • If you take on other people’s problems
  • How many time & money drains impact your life
  • When you say NO

 Remove the Drama

Creating healthy boundaries is essential for a simple life. If you have become the go-to person who fixes all of your family and friends’ problems, this will be difficult and take time. Giving up the Superman cape can be sad, but allows you to empower your friends and family rather than taking care of them. You must trust that they have the wisdom to make their own decisions and mistakes. They will be OK. They are adults. Do not add their drama to your own. Take care of yourself.

 Pick One Time & Money Pit

A large house or farm is a time and money pit. Expensive cars are time and money pits. If you have unlimited income, you can afford less simplicity.

For most of us, however, money is an issue. We have credit card debt. We live from paycheck to paycheck. We haven’t saved enough for our kids’ college educations or our retirement. Can you make the tough decisions for only one time and money pit? Selling the vacation home or downsizing from a large house to a cottage can be challenging and even disappointing. Trading in an expensive car for a trustworthy Honda is an ego crusher. Yet, the result of making these tough yet empowering decisions is a good night’s sleep. Knowing, even if the economy takes another downturn, that you will be able to send your kids to college and retire at a reasonable age, will bring you a level of peace that is priceless.

 Simple = Tranquility

A simple life doesn’t mean a monk’s life. You can still have nice things. You can have pets. You can keep what you are passionate about. Tranquility and harmony come to you when you realize that peace of mind is far more valuable than things or being Superman. KISS away your stress. Embrace a simple life.


LOL..Wetcasements also apparently doesn’t unrtdseand that money is a good thing (I speak as a member of this here capitalist society)…Begging for cash is as old as the street, the United Way, and Greece. I name but a few.It’s a job, same as any other.Bitter folks stay bitter.. ^^

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