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New Year’s Resolutions represent a fresh start, a clean slate. But a 2007 study involving 3,000 people who make resolutions found that 88% fail (per Wikipedia.com). The top 10 resolutions  involve every aspect of self – physical (lose weight, quit smoking), emotional (reduce stress, get out of debt), mental (learn something new), and spiritual (volunteer more). As an energy worker I am pleased that people intuitively know that every aspect of self is important and needs nurturing.

Pick Only One

It seems that we use either/or thinking – either “don’t make a resolution this year” or “I will make five major resolutions.” Do something radical and pick just ONE area of your life that you want to change. What have you neglected? What bothers you? What are you most motivated to change?

Don’t Think – DO

To guarantee success in 2013 answer yourself this question: “What am I willing to do to make sure I achieve this goal?”

Hit the streets. Get on the phone. Fill out applications to get that part time job to help you get out of debt. Forget Nicoderm. Go to your general practitioner and find out the most effective way to quit smoking – groups, therapy, hypnotherapy. Join a gym AND hire a personal trainer to keep you on track. Hire a nutritionist for meal plans that work for your budget and lifestyle. Go to the local food kitchen and sign up to volunteer once a month. Go online and sign up for a Spanish class – today!

Get Support – Your Brain Will Thank You

Change is difficult and change takes time. Most fail because they don’t have the support to keep them going when life gets in the way. It’s natural to default to old ways. If you are human, then at some point in your journey you will want to give up. It isn’t about your lack of tenacity or self-discipline. It’s about the human trait to resist change.

Support is: accountability, motivation, and a shift in perspective. Support is hiring a professional who understands your needs better than you do. It’s having someone who believes in you and wants to help you to be a better you. Who? Doctor, therapist, coach (divorce, life, business, wellness), energy worker, personal trainer, nutritionist. Don’t have the money? Call in the troops – friends, family, spouse, children, and even the overweight dog.

Haven’t convinced you yet? Neurological patterns in use for years wear deep grooves in our psyche. New neurological patterns are easy to make and easy to erase – because they lack the deep grooves of time and reinforcement. To make the new patterns stronger than the old ones requires constant reinforcement over an extended period of time. This is both truth and science. In making any large change in your life, your brain will work against you initially. Use support to help you create new patterns and keep them – forever.

You Can Reinvent Your Life in 2013! Attend to those places in yourself that have been neglected. You will be a better person because of it.

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