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On January 5th, my friend Neil McNerney tagged me in a fantastic project called The Next Big Thing Online Event. The Next Big Thing is a way for authors and bloggers to share the news about their most exciting upcoming projects. The goal is to share information about a big project, and then share the love by paying it forward to five other authors and bloggers. Please take a minute to look at the end of this post to see five other folks who are doing great things for families. Here’s Neil’s Next Big Thing >

My Next Big Thing: Reinventing Divorce

I am just about done with my first draft of Reinventing Divorce. This is going to be a self-help book and workbook to assist people who are considering divorce. The goal is that people who read this book and do the exercises will experience the divorce process in a healthier way – for themselves and for their children.

To write this book I interviewed 20 of the top family law/divorce attorneys in the Washington, DC Metro area. I have quotes from them throughout the book. They willingly discussed where their clients get stuck – and their best pieces of advice for anyone going through divorce. I also did a survey of children of divorce. There will be quotes from these children (and some are now adults) and a whole section of the book devoted to children of divorce.

Divorce affects all aspects of our lives. As a reflection of this, I have sectioned this book into four parts: The physical aspects of divorce; the mental aspects of divorce; the emotional aspects of divorce, and the spiritual aspects of divorce.

This book will take you on a unique journey – a very personal journey – to help you better understand yourself, your soon to be ex-spouse, and your children. It will give you tools. It will give you support. It will give you places where you can find additional support – and it will educate you on the legal process of divorce.

Reinvent Divorce is an essential tool to help you do your divorce in a new way – a healthy way – for all parties involved. The ultimate mission of this book being that you will come through this journey with a heart that is open and not forever scarred; with hopefulness for the future; and with children that won’t be dealing with the ugly, life-long repercussions of parents that have lost control.

Lauren Giannini
Kay Colgan
Chris Croll
Angelle Cook


I am working on my PhD, and also taking a shot at reinventing divorce. I have several books on how to do a divorce more sanely, but I am hoping to find out how to reduce the reactivity and far during the process, to possibly change the way the lawyers go about it. The pain in increased by family law attorneys who have to advocate for their clients, which is not also an advocation for the family as a whole.

Dominique Walmsley
3 16 2015 Mon

I wish this book were available now!! It sounds great and like what I have been looking for but unable to find. I am in the process of a divorce and we have three young children…until I am able to read your book, so you have any suggestions on other helpful titles? Good luck with the book, it sounds very helpful and new!!

Sharon Fix
1 18 2013 Fri

This sounds fabulous! We so need more of this honest, conscious, conversation happening in divorce today. I can hardly wait to read it!

Laura Styler
1 18 2013 Fri
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