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You’ve worked hard all year. You slid into your favorite holiday sheath. Here are tips to allow you to still zip it in January.

It’s OK to Celebrate – here are some party tips.

  1. It’s OK to eat a little more than you normally would. Consume consciously, and choose your food versus loading your plate.
  2. Before a party, eat a small healthy snack, high in fiber and protien. You will feel a little full and have the ability to choose just a few tempting treats instead of holding court at the chocolate fountain.
  3. Alcohol has hidden calories. Know your physical and legal limit.
  4. Remember to allow others to visit the buffet while you mingle in a no-food zone.
  5. Dance.

Seasonal tips

  1. Eat throughout the day, try every 2-4 hours. Ideas:
    • ½ an apple with peanut butter
    • Hummus and crunchy veggies
    • Chicken noodle soup with an egg yolk
    • Handful of nuts with some fresh berries
  2. Give yourself the gift of excercise. Even if it is not a full workout, go for shorter and easier options.
  3. When you are not at a holiday function, use this time to get back on track.
    • Remember it’s not the potato, it’s the butter and sour cream. It’s not the carrots and celery, it’s the ranch dip. Select complex carbs, whole grains and watch your sugar intake. Try switching out sugary soda for lemon in mineral water.
  4. Drink lots of water.

Holiday De-Stress

  1. Give yourself the gift of 10 minutes of quiet time each day. If you can’t do 10, start with 1 minute and add 1 minute a day.
  2. Deep breathe and ground often.
  3. Call a friend and announce you need to vent, reciprocate.
  4. Say thank you and let it go when your parking space is usurped.
  5. Take a walk. It clears your head and burns calories.
  6. Sing in the car, make up the lyrics if you don’t know them, ( just like everyone else).
  7. Prepare as much of the meal or your party set-up days in advance.
  8. When traveling, give your family a break too. Short and long-term benefits say Happy Holidays for all.
    • Stay in a hotel
    • Take a cab from the airport
    • Clean up after yourself
    • Don’t offer cooking advice unless asked
  9. Journal about your favorite holiday memories and smile.



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