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The maxim for Transformational Healing is: “Finding Joy Through Change.” We have been conditioned to believe that “Change is hard, painful, and overwhelming.” However, brain research tells us that we build new neurological patterns every day. Want to help prevent Alzheimer’s? Do one thing differently daily – this keeps the mind working and growing. We know that the world is constantly shifting and change is inevitable. Doesn’t it make more sense to embrace change rather than tolerate or resist it?

Here’s the problem: We feel safe with familiarity. It soothes us. We feel that we have more control over our lives. We fight change and have to be pushed into it. Whether it’s finding a new job or leaving a marriage, we wait until the pain in staying is worse than our fear of the change. Why? Change takes us to the place where we have no control: The Unknown.

The Unknown

All major life changes take us to this place and bring out our most primal fears: “Will I have or be enough? What do I want and need? Which path do I take?” We know that we can’t go back – but there are no guarantees as to what the future will bring. Whether it’s divorce, disease, empty nest, going to college, moving, etc. we have all experienced this type of change. Likely, more will be coming our way. How do we shift our outlook toward change and our fears about the unknown? One word: Trust.

Trust & The Unknown

Trusting yourself, God, & The Universe are the keys to embracing change. Trust balances and calms fear. It doesn’t overpower or eliminate it.

It’s time to own our personal power. To trust our brilliance. To trust that we will use our intelligence to find our way. That we will allow our intuition – our “gut” - to guide us. That we will ask for support if we need it.

Can you trust that God & The Universe have provided for you and only given you what you can handle? Why would they stop now? Can you trust that your vision of what you can do and be is limited? God and the Universe have no such fears or limitations. They see the limitless potential that is waiting for us. Let the hands of God and arms of the Universe hold you while you are in this place called the unknown. Trusting the clarity you want will come.


“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway. “ ~John Wayne

Trust allows us the courage to step into new places, try new things, and take risks. “What is the worst that can happen? What is the best that can happen?” We can use the answers to these questions to fortify our courage. Consider the possibility that within these new places we will find joy, abundance, passion, creativity, wholeness, and love. In these changes we will experience lessons that enable us to grow, stretch, and become the person our dog thinks we are.

Change the reactions, beliefs, and patterns that limit your life. Trust that life will be better. Use courage to step away from the familiar which isn’t working for you and take that life-changing step into the unknown where your possibilities are limitless. Change can bring more joy to your life. Saddle up and enjoy the ride.

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