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Sponsored by Virginia Hospital Center’s Senior Health Department

“Learn about Reiki, Floating, Cryotherapy & Alternate Therapies address pain, stress and wellbeing”

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  • Floating with Chris Jones, President of Synergy Float Center. Widely recognized as the most effective means of stress relief, recovery and relaxation available.
  • Whole Body CryotherapyDistrict Cryo. (WBC) is a cutting-edge innovation using hyper-cool temperatures to stimulate powerful physiological responses and trigger the body’s natural healing processes. These include accelerating healing in soft tissue and joints, reducing inflammation and pain, and boosting metabolism. Will also discuss CBD’s to optimize your health.
  • Mara Benner, President and Founder, Four Directions Wellness LLC
    Four Directions Wellness supports health & wholeness by intuitively connecting mind-body-emotions-spirit.  Affiliated with the GW Center for Integrative Medicine, Four Directions Wellness founder Mara Benner helps individuals connect with his or her intuition to guide their healing process.
  • Cindy Battino, BHSP, Transformational Healing
    A History of Helping and Teaching” Life coach, energy worker, speaker, author and happiness provider; these are just a few words to describe Cindy Battino. In 2003 Cindy began learning energy work. After four years of intensive study, she became a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. Previously Cindy graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Economics. She uses the relationship and life skills taught at The Brennan School to help her clients find more beauty in themselves and happiness in their lives. In 2011 she founded Transformational Healing in Middleburg, Virginia.
  • Magnetic Resonance Therapy – a cutting edge relaxation devise that is on the front lines of energetic healing
  • Infrared Sauna – Far infrared waves penetrate at a cellular level.
  • Pandora Star –provides deep frequency entertainment for the brain.

Disclaimer:  research is not conclusive that alternative therapies can achieve what they promise.