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Manifesting Your Deepest Longings is a very simple recipe. It only has three ingredients! First, you must have a STRONG desire to see this longing to fruition. Second you have to KNOW (from the top of your head to the tips of your toes) that you DESERVE this to happen to you. Finally, you have to BELIEVE that you have the ability and talents to manifest this longing. I can hear you now: “Ohhhhhhh. That’s all?? Is she kidding me? If it was that simple I would have manifested my dreams long ago!” Now, remember that I said it is a simple recipe – not an EASY one! A lot of times we will have one or two of the ingredients. But, like any good recipe, you need ALL of the ingredients for the best results. Let’s look at each ingredient individually.

Ingredient Number One
A strong desire to see this longing to fruition. Just wanting it is not enough. Your desire has to be strong enough to get you through those times that it feels “too hard”. To get you through the times when you want to give up. The desire has to be such that you are like a hound dog on a scent! You are intent. You are focused. You are willing to do ALL that it takes to make it happen. You must be willing to sit and live in those uncomfortable places. You know what I am talking about. Manifesting something that you have never done before is a creative process that is a lot about the unknown. So, those times when you HAVE to know what comes next – what it looks like – what it will feel like – can feel intolerable. But the truth is, not knowing exactly what it will look like or exactly how you will get there is tolerable and doable. There are other uncomfortable places: “I am not good enough. What happens if I fail. It’s not me. I can’t do it.” The desire has to be loud enough to drown out your Super Ego. Your Super Ego is your inner critic. It’s the voice you hear that tells you that you are stupid, a loser, ugly, fat, whatever. It’s the one that has convinced you in the past to give up and try something easier…. Here’s a tip for your Super Ego. First, realize that it is NOT you. It is the voice of your critics from early in life. Second, realize that it is just doing it’s job – to keep you safe from “harm”. If you don’t try, you can’t fail. Third, it’s never going to go away. So, listen to it. Thank it. And then tell it that you are not going to make decisions based on it today.

Ingredient Number Two
You have to KNOW you DESERVE this to happen to you. When will you feel good enough for abundance and success? When will you be willing to risk - failure, defeat, judgment, ridicule - to make your deepest longings come true? The best way to know when you feel you deserve all the goodness that can come your way is to start incorporating the Curious Witness/Observer into your life. Look at past patterns around achieving goals. When did you have success? How did you succeed? When did you “fail”? What lessons are there? Where have you self-sabotaged? Where do you currently self-sabotage? This might be difficult. You might be able to see your Positive Intention (Ingredient #1), but can’t see your negative intention. First place to look is at your own self-care. Second place to look is how well you delegate and hire professionals to do what you are not good at (and waste your time doing). Do you take on too much? Do you have to do it “all” yourself? If you still can’t see the forest through the trees, ask your best friend, therapist, life/business coach, or a Brennan Energy Worker. If your best friend has known you for a long time, he/she might see what you cannot. The other people I listed are trained to help you find patterns that exist in your life that no longer work for you and keep you stuck in that: I am not good enough; I am not worthy; I don’t deserve it place. Once you find the places where you self-sabotage you can pull in Ingredient #1 to help you shift these destructive patterns!

Ingredient Number Three
You have to BELIEVE that you have ability to manifest this longing. Are you ready to step off the ledge without a net? Do you KNOW that you can catch yourself – or that you have hired the staff to help catch you? Do you have the God-given talents, the wisdom, the humbleness, the curiosity, the skills to make your deepest longings come true? Sometimes these God given talents are the ones you discount – or things that have brought you shame in the past. For example I want to teach healing workshops. To be a good teacher you have to be a good speaker. You have to be a good story teller. You have to be able to speak in front groups of people comfortably. You have to be charismatic and interesting to hold people’s attention. If you read my blog From Shame to Destiny, you will read my story of how I was humiliated and disciplined for speaking too much, speaking too loudly, speaking to anyone, and being bigger than life. Now, however, these are the talents I need to manifest my deepest longings! If my deepest longing was to become a CPA, I would be in trouble. I do NOT have the ability to manifest this longing. I do OK with numbers – but number puzzles are not my forte! I am too much of a people person to be in an office all day long with books, papers, files, and excel spreadsheets. So, look to what is effortless for you – what you have had a passion for as long as you can remember. Look at your abilities and talents. Do this WITHOUT inviting your Super Ego to the party! Do you believe in yourself? Are you ready to take the risks necessary to achieve your dreams? Do you need more education or training in a certain area? Using discernment, creating a plan, getting advice from specialists is also a part of being able to take the risks necessary. Do your research. Network. Ask lots of questions. This will help give you the courage to believe and trust in yourself – as you will have others (whom you have consulted) – who believe in you too!

I KNOW all of you can make your dreams come true! I KNOW all of you deserve all the goodness and abundance that can come your way! Good Luck!

Love to you


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