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I am pleased to announce I will be exhibiting at the Pathways 46th Natural Living Expo. It is the Mind-Body-Spirit Event of the Year.

Transformational Healing is hosting a stimulating
50 minute workshop “Owning Your Unique Self”

Vienna #20, 10:30 am

We are all beautifully unique, yet we constantly compare ourselves to others. We all have the answers we need inside of us, yet we constantly try to find answers and our value from outside ourselves. What would it be like to embrace all of your unique bouquet of gifts, talents, quirks, character traits and moral fiber? What would it be like to turn the old stories of judgments and see them as your most valuable gifts? Come to this workshop and learn to OWN your unique self.

Event Details

Easy Access at the Beltway & Rt. 50

Free Indoor Parking

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