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Are you the crafty sort? Do you draw stick figures? Do you complain yet enjoy the struggle with your kids’ dioramas? Can you sing, dance, or act? These are places in our society that the “special” ones live, right? Not so! There are many places in everyday circumstances where our creativity can, breathe, blossom and enrich our lives. Welcome, friend, you ARE a creative being!

The key to creativity is allowing the journey. Start with an idea and NOT with a finished product set in stone. Let it flow and evolve. Take some risks. Let the pieces come together. Let your wisdom and intuition lead you. Most importantly: allow yourself to have fun!

Creative Parenting

Didn’t expect this one? Why not? Parenting is the toughest job out there. It’s the place where our creativity is most important as it gives us choices. We can do what our parents did or we can step outside the box and do it better! First decide what gifts your parents gave you through their parenting and what you want or hope to do differently. Find a parent or parenting style to start with that: 1) fits your personality; 2) allows you to focus on gifts you want your children to have in their lives (sports, music, languages, etc.); 3) follows your moral principles; and 4) doesn’t wound your children the way you were wounded. Mix and match parenting theories. Read books. Listen to professionals, pediatricians, and other parents. Find what works for you and your child. Finally, remember that each child is different and will need his/her unique structure and parenting style. With each child you get to re-create your parenting style once again.

Creative Romance

We complain that there isn’t enough romance in our relationships, but that is no one’s fault but our own. This is an area that YEARNS for us to have fun, be creative, and reap the benefits! Yes, it takes work. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes preparation, but it’s worth it: the end result is a more intimate relationship. Make a coupon book for romantic evenings. Sign up for a couples massage class or Tango lessons. Leave love notes at the office. Send cards. Commit to a romantic weekend every three to six months. Buy candles. Spread rose petals. Buy sexy lingerie. Don’t just kiss – kisssssssssssssss! Start a new romantic tradition in your relationship. No excuses here. Let the romance begin with YOU!

Creative Writing

You say you’re not a journalist or a poet. How do you know? My writing journey began by journaling when I was in my 30’s. As I started to write, I realized that: 1) I had a lot to say; 2) I liked words; 3) writing made me feel better; and 4) I could actually be entertaining. This led to blogging and then to this column. I don’t know where it will take me. I am just enjoying the ride. So, what about you? Maybe there’s a hidden poet or blogger that you have yet to uncover.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is about giving yourself choices. Choices come from asking deep questions and being open to other points of view. It requires one main ingredient: a pause.

Thinking with conscious intention can create very different outcomes. It is the difference between a train that has an engineer and one that doesn’t. Impulsiveness is the runaway train. Defaulting to an immediate reaction can bring one result. Using a pause before you: speak, go to a meeting, discipline your child, make love to your spouse, etc., can have a much different result. The pause allows you to answer these important questions: “How do I want to handle this situation? How do I want to react to this person? What is the end result that I want to achieve here and now?” Breathe. Pause. Be creative in your thinking – you will change your life.

Creative Homes & Clothes

We can express parts of our personality and our moods through our home and our clothes. Using the rooms of our homes and our bodies as the canvas, we can play with the use of color, art, textures, styles, and shapes to express the parts of ourselves that we most appreciate. Knowing when less is more and when more is masterful can be where our creative essence shines through!

We might need help along the way. Getting education and another trusted person’s eye can be more than helpful. Great resources: magazines, professionals, and a friend who is savvy in this area. Honesty is essential in anyone you bring in to help you with your home or clothes. (Knowing a sales person whom you can trust to tell you that a particular outfit looks ugly or makes you look fat is the BEST! Thank you Darlene)! Finally, define a budget that you can afford and abide by it.

If the men don’t think I am talking about them, think again! Whether it’s fun socks, funky ties, or bright shirts, play with clothes to express the creative being that you are. Don’t be afraid of the rules that you think society has created or that your parents dressed by. Be yourself. How do you want to be seen? What parts of your personality do you want to enjoy expression through your wardrobe?

Finding a creative outlet is essential for your emotional, mental and spiritual health. It is a place where we can create more joy and bliss in our lives. Use all of the talents you have been given and allow your imagination some free rein to reinvent yourself in 2012.

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