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For many years you were attached emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically with another person. Now that person is not in your life in the same way (or at all), how do you claim back your identity? How do you move forward in a positive way? How do you answer the question: “Who Am I Now?”

In this three hour workshop we will be looking at all that you “lost” in your marriage and divorce so that you can begin to re-define all that is new. We will be asking some deep questions for you to consider and journal. Bring a journal and an adventurous spirit

See this process as an adventure! You have a clean slate. You only have to consider you – your wants, longings, and dreams. It is a beautiful thing to be an adult. Because you can change anything you want…today!

Use the register button below. Registration closes January 15th. You may also register by calling Cindy at: 703-966-7620 or Email Cindy ONLY 12 spaces available